Our Story

1974: A small group of employees started the first privately owned lubricants manufacturer in Venezuela, Puramin, thanks to a technological partnership with Creole Petroleum Corporation (Standard Oil NJ).

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1974 - 2000: Puramin focuses on producing white oils, dialectric transformer oil, industrial products, and lubricants for the local market.

1997: UltraGroup became national distributor of Castrol Motor Oils, and three years later switched to Pennzoil and Quaker State.


2000-2007: Our now 22-year-old joint venture, Puramin-UltraGroup, was created and licensed to manufacture Pennzoil, Quaker State, BP, Castrol, Shell, Texaco and Valvoline for the north of South America. For seven years we blended and filled their products. To produce newer generation SAE/API specs, we developed long-term sourcing relationships with refineries and additive producers in the U.S.A.


2004: We launched our premium quality oil brand, Ultra1Plus™, with the name UltraLub in some markets, gradually entering 14 countries in South America and the Caribbean.

2007: Efforts focused exclusively on the Ultra1Plus™ brand.

2009: Our transparent "Nothing to Hide" PET bottle was created.

2012: A fire in the nearby PDVSA Amuay refinery terribly affected our Puramin factory. Rebuilding it was brick by brick. In late 2012 we purchased a second manufacturing facility in Miranda, Venezuela.

2017: Ultra1Plus™ started in the U.S. and gradually shifted operations to Houston, Texas.


2020: Began distributing in the U.S. through e-commerce,, eBay,, Walmart Stores in Texas and independent distributors.

2021: Finished installation of our well-situated manufacturing facility near the refineries at the Port of Houston, with an additional distribution center in Florida. With our "Made in USA" production, we have been able to grow our exports to 32 countries. We were awarded "Exporters of the year 2021" by the Small Business Administration. Expansion continues with the appointment of more distributors to service the U.S.