SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil, API GL-5 | Ultra1Plus™

SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil, API GL-5 | Ultra1Plus™

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Product Description

Ultra1Plus™ SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil, API GL-5 is formulated with synthetic base oils and specialty performance additives to provide improved high-temperature thermal and oxidative stability in a wide range of operating conditions.

Specialty anti-scuffing additives and friction modifiers provide advanced protection and lubricity in extreme pressure conditions. Additionally, Ultra1Plus™ SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil, API GL-5 is highly shear stable while also resisting rust, oxidation, foaming, and varnish.

Ultra1Plus™ SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil, API GL-5 is designed for use in all seasons and exceed the year-around, all-weather performance viscosity requirements of SAE J306 as well as the rigorous performance requirements of API GL-5.

Ultra1Plus™ 75W-90 API GL-5 Gear Plus Synthetic Oil highlights:

  • Extended gear and bearing life due to minimal deposits.
  • Longer seal Life.
  • Increased load-carrying capability.
  • Contribution to reduced maintenance cost and longer equipment life.
  • Helps to reduce operating costs.
  • Contribution to reduced wear and ease of start up.
  • Maintains film strength for reliable lubrication. 

Safety Data Sheets & Product Information:





warning.png WARNING: California Proposition 65

Typical Properties  
SAE J306 Viscosity Grade 75W-90
Appearance Yellow Transparent Liquid
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt, ASTM D445 113.2
Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt, ASTM D445 15.5
Viscosity Index, ASTM D2270  145
Flash Point, °C, ASTM D92  205
Pour Point, °C, ASTM D97   -50
Gearboxes requiring API GL-5 performance, not recommended for applications requiring API GL-4 level performance. Not intended for automatic, manual, or semiautomatic transmissions for which engine oil or automatic transmission fluids are recommended. The requirements of the vehicle and transmission manufacturers must be adhered to.
Exceeds Performance Requirements


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