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Ultra1Plus™ is a complete premium line of full synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional and high mileage oils for cars, trucks, motorcycle, boats, commercial vehicle, tractors, transmissions, gear oils, hydraulic and industrial applications.

We can offer premium quality oils at factory-direct low prices thanks to our small team with strategic marketing and moderate expenses.

Quality is our advertising and our distributors become family.

All our products are certified with the latest specifications:
American Petroleum Institute (API), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and the American Chemical Council.

Ultra1Plus Best Sellers

U1P-Duty ISO 32 AW Hydraulic Oil

U1P-Duty ISO 32 AW Hydraulic Oil

Formulated with high viscosity-index paraffinic base stocks and premium performance additives, U1P-Duty ISO 32 AW Hydraulic Oil exhibits excellent oxidation stability, corrosion protection, shear...
Price: $106.27 - $3,423.31