About Us

Ultra1Plus™ is a family business producing high-quality oils and specialty fluids for almost half a century. Founded with the support of Standard Oil NJ, the company became the first privately owned refinery and lubricants manufacturer in Venezuela. Since then, we have been producing dielectric transformer oil and lubricants for local, U.S. and international companies.


In 1997 we were appointed national distributor for Castrol. Three years later we were licensed to manufacture and distribute Pennzoil and Quaker-State. The company went on to manufacture for Shell, Texaco, BP, Castrol and Valvoline for seven years, making their products for South America.

In 2004 our own premium quality oil brand, Ultra1Plus™, was launched, fulfilling SAE and API standards and filled in distinctive clear PET bottles to showcase its purity. A factory-direct price structure has helped us build long-term relationships with dedicated distributors. Ultra1Plus™ is currently in 32 countries.

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In 2017 we stated our industrial operations in Houston with our "Made in USA" quality and have since grown our international customer base. We were awarded the U.S. "Exporters of the Year 2021" by the Small Business Administration.


We are a dynamic organization with precision marketing and moderate expenses. Quality is our advertising. And our distributors become family.


We create solutions!

Love your machines.